Virtual 5k Event – 26th March

19 March 2020 - By James Blackshaw


We’re excited to invite you to take part in our virtual 5k!

This is the first race of four in the Social Distancing Championship, the details of which you can find here.

The rules are pretty simple:

  • You must run a 5k on Thursday the 26th of March.
  • You should submit your time either by sending me a link to your Strava activity, or, if you’re not on Strava, sending me a photo of your watch with the time and distance showing.
  • No treadmill activities will be accepted.
  • You must submit your time by midnight on the 26th.
  • Please make sure you run 5k or over. If your Strava says 4.99k then your run will not count, so just run a few more metres after your watch says 5k. And also bear in mind that 3.1 miles does not equal 5k, it’s 3.107 miles, which is effectively 10 metres more. It will only add a few more seconds on to your run to add another 15/20 metres, and it will ensure your run counts.
  • Please follow government advice on social distancing and do not run in groups.

Simple, right? Yes, it is, but here’s a few other points to think about:

  • You can run the 5k anywhere, but please try to pick somewhere that is safe, and for the sake of your time, try think about whether you’d have to stop to cross a road, or the elevation of the course you’ve picked.
  • Dave Jobling has said he is going to repaint our 5k Angel course, so if anyone wanted to use that it would be well marked.
  • Don’t stop your watch during the run. I’m massively anal, and I’ll be checking your Strava to make sure I’ve got the total time rather than just the moving time.
  • They’ll be actual physical trophies for the first 3 ladies and first 3 men, and these will be presented at our first club night back.

Good luck all!

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