Club Champ Rules


The club championship has two elements. The ‘performance’ element recognises those in the club who perform at the highest standard relative to their age. The ‘commitment’ element recognises those who support the club’s goal’s. The total of all points gained from these two elements are added together to arrive at the final total.

A trophy is awarded to both the winner and runner up in the male and female competitions at the annual presentation dinner.

Points are only awarded for external club races where the runner is wearing the new style ‘swirl’ vest or t-shirt.

For existing/previous members, results will only count after 1 April where the appropriate membership fees have been paid. For new members, the results will count providing the person joins the club within two months and by the end of the calendar year.

The Races

The race distances are currently 5K, 5 miles, 10K, 10 miles, and half marathon.

The selected races to be included in the club championship are decided at the start of the year. The Fixtures Secretary, in association with the Committee, will decide these races and may increase or decrease the number of eligible races. The following factors are usually considered in deciding the races:

  • Selecting ‘local’ races.
  • Choosing races which are popular with members.
  • Selecting races which are spread across the season to not disadvantage runners who pick up injuries for part of the season.
  • Choosing the races which form part of the Essex Championship series.
  • Avoiding clashes with other events.


It is recognised that it may not be possible for all club members to run one of the selected races at a particular distance. However if you have been able to run a race somewhere else, or you have produced a better performance in a non-club championship race, you may use a wildcard to maximise your performance points total.

The wildcard race must be a proper race which has been officially and accurately measured. Your race time must also be capable of being verified.

  • You may only use the wildcard for one distance.
  • You may not use the wildcard for a 5K. To score points in the 5K race distance, you must have run one of the selected club championship races.
  • However, you may utilise your wildcard to use your points gained from completing a marathon in place of the 5K race distance. This reflects that training properly for a marathon will adversely affect your ability to reach your full potential in a 5K race.

To use your wildcard, you must notify the Fixtures Secretary of the race you are using as your wildcard, by the date announced – if you do not nominate your wildcard, it will not be automatically picked up.

Commitment Element

Members can gain additional points by helping the club achieve its goals of being active within the Essex racing circuit and aspiring to try and win awards and trophies! There are four parts of the commitment element:

  1. Receiving 25 points for each club championship race completed. This will reward those who represent the club in more of the selected races.
  2. Receiving 25 additional points for taking part in the Essex Road Championship races (excluding the May Day & Boxing Day races) within the selected club championship races provided you have entered as Essex Qualified. Therefore combined with the first element, you get 50 points for taking part in the Essex Road Championship race in the 10K, 10 mile, and half marathon distances. 25 points will also apply to the other Essex Road Championship races which are not part of the selected club championship races, Essex 20 and Halstead Marathon.
  3. 100 additional points for taking part in events where the club submits a team. This will include:
    • Essex Road Relays
    • Ekiden Relays
    • Essex Way Relay
    • Senior cross country champs or Vets cross country champs (you can only receive one set of additional points even if you run in both the senior and veterans race)
    • NESS Cross Country league fixtures – each fixture in the calendar year
    • Essex Cross Country Relays
  4. 100 points for marshalling/helping out at our events. This includes:
    • BD5
    • May Day 10
    • Essex Way leg 5
    • Halstead marathon water station
    • Our NESS cross country fixture
    • Other events where we supply marshals, e.g. Essex events
  5. 25 points for marshalling/helping out at specified ‘internal’ club championship events. This includes:
    • Two Track 5K races (Spring & Autumn)
    • Four summer 5K races