WordPress Website Design by Crisp Design

Thanks to one of our sponsors Crisp Design for our Website Design. It has been developed over the years since being created in 2014. Since its creation as a responsive WordPress website design, we now get better interaction, more visits and the process for online membership signups and purchases has increased year on year.

WordPress website design

WordPress Website Design

As a CMS (Content Management System) WordPress allows us to continually add content to our website and edit what is already there. News articles are a main feature for communicating with members to provide them with what’s going on with the club.

Here are just some of the more specific website features that Crisp Design have developed for us using WordPress:

Responsive Website Design

Our website design works well on mobile devices, tablets and larger screen sizes. This is important for our members who often use their mobiles to read latest news and visit the home page to see what’s on this week.

Strava website integration

A feed for our Witham Running Club Strava group members gives visibility to their activities and encourage other athletes to join our club.

Online payments

Our website Ecommerce capability enables new members to sign up very easily. It also allows existing members to renew their membership efficiently when it comes to that time of year. In fact, we have had record renewals since the incorporation of this online payment facility.

Club Record – search facility

One of the challenges of displaying lost of tabular data on a mobile device is being able to scroll through lots of columns of information on a narrow device screen. A website search facility was set up for our Club records and Club standards to allow members to search for data that is relevant for their gender and age category and display the results is a presentable fashion.

Route Maps and downloads

Using Google maps, we are able to upload GPX files to show our running and cycling routes so that we can share a visual of the route along with directions. We also have a feature that allows members to download the route to upload to their GPS devices.

Recommending Crisp Design for Website Design and Build

Our website is constantly developing and with the help of Crisp Design, we continue to add new ideas to make our website a better user experience.

We would highly recommend Crisp Design for their prompt service, creative ideas and professional approach to Website Design and development for Witham Running Club.