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  • Tue 13
  • Thu 15
    • Structured training - Pyramid session

      7.30pm - Witham Leisure Centre

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      Structured training - Pyramid session

      Hi Everyone,

      Your designated coaches for this Thursday’s session are the youthful Emma Austin and the ageing (disgracefully) Graham Eyre. This weeks efforts will be pyramids. With a tip of the hat toward the Colchester 15/Brentwood half at the weekend we will make it a pointy pyramid and not a flat top which is slightly easier. So 1, 2, 3, 2, 1 minute reps with 1 minute recoveries. After this set we will have a 2 minute recovery prior to undertaking the sequence again. We suggest slow jog/walk recoveries rather than standing but you are all adults (physically if not mentally)  so can make your own decisions on that one. If not racing at the weekend we suggest slightly faster than 5k pace (non chatter) for the efforts part of the run but again if you are racing you may want to concentrate on just spinning the legs out at a more comfortable tempo pace for the efforts. Whatever pace you choose it is important you aim for consistency throughout the session. This is important for  pacing yourselves on race days. So you should be travelling the same distance in total on the second pyramid as the first. True consistency will also mean (as an example) that your 3 minute effort should be equal in distance to 3 x your 1 minute distance.

      The technical coaching point for this weeks session is again Arm Drive. I know we bang on about it a lot but the observation of the coaches is that a lot of you still need to be reminded about this important aspect of running. An efficient arm drive sets your rhythm. This in turn will, by default dictate your speed. So be prepared to have your ear bent by Emma about this on Thursday.

      Usual meet at the Sports Centre at 7:30 for a briefing  before a warm up jog to Gershwin where the efforts are to take place. There will be a car at Gershwin for any tops, hats, gloves, drink bottles, or cuddly toys.

      If you have any questions regarding this session give me a shout. I will then shout back and pass the question on to someone who knows what they are talking about.

      See you Thursday




  • Sat 17
    • Weekly Peloton Ride

      9.00am - Morrisons

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      Weekly Peloton Ride

      A minor peloton committee meeting decided that we should do the Hanningfield loop stopping at Oliver’s. However, I’m closely watching the weather as it looks like our old nemesis the Beast is back for this weekend and may bring a little more snow with it. Even if not, that wind will be frighteningly cold!

      Best we decide on the day but I won’t guarantee anyone will be at Morrison’s.


  • Sun 18
    • Long run

      9.00am - Morrison's

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      Long run

      Routes and distances decided on day within each group.

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