Club Member of the Month

April 2021

CMOTM for April goes to Sarah Naughton for an incredible month of running.  Sarah ran two trail marathons in two weeks – The Brightlingsea Challenge and The East Hanningfield Trail Marathon – and also ran two 10ks in one day as part of the Matt Ratana memorial run.

  • March 2021

    Rob Frost is our Club Member of the Month for March.  He has had an epic start to the year, running two 100-mile weeks and over 400 miles in March, clocking up an impressive 1100 miles for the year so far.

  • February 2021

    Congratulations to Jason Lilley who is this month’s CMOTM. 17 members of WRC took part in a virtual challenge to run round the M25 (117 miles) in February. Jason is currently injured so decided to walk all his miles and still finished first, before any of the runners.

  • December 2020

    December’s Club Member of the Month is Giles Sowerby, for his incredible running streak, running every day in 2020, covering over 3000 miles

  • November 2020

    Congratulations to James Attenborough who is CMOTM for November.  James has been the driving force in getting the virtual BD5 to happen by putting in a lot of the leg work in organising. His hard work is paying off with over 100 entries. Well done James.

  • October 2020

    CMOTM for October is James Blackshaw, for his encouraging attitude towards getting others to give ultra-running a try. The high number of WRC runners at Suffolk Backyard Ultra was solely a result of his persuasion and enthusiasm, to the point we were convinced he was earning commission.  At the event, his was amazingly motivating, coming up with mental checkpoints for most laps and encouraging people to ‘just start’ the next lap which resulted in many of us doing several more laps. In addition to this, he and one other member completed the most WRC laps!

  • September 2020

    Club Member of the Month for September goes to Patrick Hinchliffe.  Patrick has enthusiastically taken part in every activity organised by the club over the lockdown period, as well as every effort session, be it in person or virtually.  He has also managed to take a huge chunk off his 5k time.

  • August 2020

    Club Member of the Month for August is Pete Banks, for completing the Great Virtual Race Across Tennessee, and then turning around (in a virtual sense) and running it again, for an incredible total of 1270 miles in four months – around ten miles per day!

  • July 2020

    CMOTM for July is Karen Flowers, for being the first WRC lady to complete the GVRAT Challenge by her target date of 20th July, and easily before the deadline of 31st August, and for continually organising group runs throughout lockdown, including as many members as possible.

  • June 2020

    CMOTM for June is Adam Regan, for completing 200 miles of running during the month and for his performance in the Phoenix 24 Hour Virtual Race where he ran an impressive 36 miles.

  • Shannon Wing

    May 2020

    Despite being very new to running, Shannon chose to sign up to the Great Virtual Race Across Tennessee.  She started off walking many of the 36 miles per week required to finish the challenge and has gradually increased the amount of running she does.  Having never run more than a 10k before, she has now managed several long runs, and in May she quadrupled her previous highest monthly mileage.

  • Gerry Greenwold

    April 2020

    Congratulations to Gerry Greenwold on being Club Member of the Month for April, for his amazing comeback to running after his diagnosis and treatment for Cancer.

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