WRC Social Distancing Championship

22 March 2020 - By Scott Darney

WRC Community,

We have decided to organise a mini SD Championship Series which will start with the virtual 5k this thursday.

We have kept the distance on the short side in order to ensure that all members can participate.

Whilst the first race will need to be completed on Thursday, you will have a weekend to completed the remaining distances at a whichever day and time that suits you.

The races will be as follows:

Race 1 – 5km
Thursday 26th March

Race 2 – 1 Mile
Thursday 2nd April to Sunday 5th April

Race 3 – 3km
Thursday 9th April to Sunday 12th April

Race 4 – 5 Miles
Thursday 23rd April to Sunday 26th April

We are not going to be too strict on making rules but as James Blackshaw has said about the 5k, try and make sure you run the full distance on your watch.

We will of course recommend that you run these distances alone, or if you run with someone else then please ensure that you are following goverment guidelines on social distancing. We do not want to see large groups congregating and running together.

You do not need to enter the competiton, you are in if you just run the distance and submit your time!

You can submit your time by either adding this in a comment underneath the article which will be posted on the WRC website prior to each race or by posting your result on the FB event page (along with a screenshot of your Garmin/Strava workout if you can) that will be set up for each race.

We will then compile the results into a results table and provide members with results for each event and then at the end of the series we will age-grade the results using JB’s super-computer to decide the series winner – there will be some form of trophy/prize for both male and female winners but we might not be able to get these to you until a bit later in the year!

I will also try and provide some recommended routes for each distance to give members an idea but for the sake of this series you can just set your watch to run an interval for the required distance and wait until it tells you to stop!

We would like to see circular loops where possible to prevent runners from either choosing a fully downhill route or picking a route which has a tailwind the whole way, but we appreciate this is not always possible or easy.

Good luck everyone and let me know if you have any questions.


*Note – sadly we can’t include these results in any club records or other club championships as they won’t be officially timed or recorded.

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