Spring Lambs Sportive

9 April 2019 - By James Montgomery

On Sunday, three of the cycling members of WRC took part in Sunday’s Spring Lambs sportive  This is a popular event run by Essex Roads Cycling Club but attendances were down from previous years and the small contingent of WRC members was respective of this, but in fairness the weather on the day was shockingly cold and misty, even for April and probably put many off from starting.

Two distances were on offer, 100kms and 150kms with James Montgomery and Sandy Karl taking on the longer distance and John Ellis the shorter.

The route had some changes this year with some more short sharp climbs in the first 30-40 miles than previously, having a feel about it as the Belgian Tour of Flanders pro race being held the same day, albeit without the cobbles. The route is fairly benign after that with only North Hill and Stock the major contenders.

John was making good use of the feed stations which this event is well known for, opting to tuck into the fig rolls rather than the energy gels. He had about 10 miles to go when the rain came down so missed the worst of it and finished in 4hrs 19mins (strava time).

Meanwhile, I was at just over the 60 miles point when the rain started not quite at the second feed station, near Terling, when the slippery roads ended my ride, eventually arriving in Broomfield hospital A&E. Sandy wasn’t too far behind and soon came to where I was waiting for Theresa to pick me up. but in hindsight it should have been an ambulance coming for me!

Past the second feed station at about 77 miles and still on wet roads, Sandy also hit the deck on a sharp wet bend with gravel. Luckily some cow dung came to her rescue and broke her fall and she came off better than I did and continuing the remaining miles to the finish with a distinctive country whiff. Sandy was pleased to see the finish of her longest ride to date coming home in 6hrs 58mins 40secs

Here’s hoping for better weather next year as that’s two years running it’s been pretty foul.

Well done to those who started and managed to finish!!




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