Punctures Galore!

31 July 2018 - By James Montgomery

On Saturday, 14 members of WRC took to their bikes for the “Suffolk Spinner” cycle sportive. There were 3 distances on offer: 42 miles, 62 miles and the “Epic” 93 miles.

However, this was no Ealing Comedy and the overwhelming issue of the day was the weather. Problems began before the start with Alex, Rach, Lee, Trevor and myself having opted for the 93 mile distance, finding out this was cancelled due to the weather flooding and washing sand on to the roads, so we had to distance-down and join most of the others on the middle distance of 62 miles with Anita and David Jobling opting for the shorter, 42 miles.

About a minute after the start, it began raining. Not a light summer shower – this was biblical rain and in the poor light we all got split up very quickly; with the spray and grit it was impossible to see anything. The roads were quickly flooded and a great deal of sand was washed over making for quite treacherous conditions.

Then the punctures started… This pretty much created the pattern to our finishing times in our various groups that we ended up in. There were riders almost constantly along the way changing tubes. Many of us got punctures, some of us were more lucky than others. Alex and Tony, on a one-stop strategy and myself on a no-stop strategy without doubt benefitting from having no punctures on the day. Trevor won “most punctures of the ride” award with 5, probably setting a new club record in the process but one that none of us will wish to better!!

Thankfully the rain soon passed and left us in lovely warm sunshine, but the return leg was into a ferocious headwind making it very hard going, particularly as Suffolk, although having no “big” hills, is quite undulating none-the-less.

Well done to Anita for gaining a “Gold” standard for her time in the 42 miler and Alex and Tony for “Gold” in the longer 62 miler, something of an achievement taking the conditons in to account.

Rider                                     Time                           Punctures
42 Miles
Anita Grainger                    02:52:48                      0
David Jobling                      02:52:47                      0

62 Miles
Tony Wallen                          03:38:44                      0
Alex Stuckey                         03:38:48                      0
James Montgomery              03:52:54                      0
Wendy Martin                       04:18:02                       1
Stuart Mills                            04:18:03                      1
Lee Blake                             05:05:57                       2
Carina Taylor                       05:07:14                        0
Graham Eyre                       05:24:13                       1
Rach Pearsons                    05:32:16                       0
Liz Stuckey                          05:32:19                       2
Mat Pearsons                      05:32:19                       0
Trevor Johnson                   05:32:23                       5

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