Anita and Andy 2nd in their Age Groups at Woburn Standard and Mersea Island Sprint Triathlons

10 September 2018 - By James Montgomery

On Saturday Anita took part in her first Olympic distance triathlon at Woburn Abbey, progressing on from Gosfield Sprint triathlon in July. This consisted of a 1500m swim, 44km bike & 10.5km run, with the bike and run being slightly longer than normal.

There was some concerns about the swim since a couple of days before the main lake had signs of the dreaded algae bloom which has caused havoc with open water swimming this summer. The event had a back up smaller lake with longer transition, however an all clear was given on the main lake on Friday.

The swim start was described as a deep water start from a floating pontoon so Anita had practised a diving start, however, this can mean anything from truely deep-water to ankle deep. In this case it was chest deep. The swim itrself consisted 2 laps of a 750-meter loop and being a confident swimmer, was at the front ready for the off. After a good start, Anita soon found herself in the usual melee with other ladies trying to battle through, this wasn’t helped by the lake being full of weed, which is often a battle in itself! The second lap was less of a bundle and Anita exited along with about 14 others.

Into T1 and after a rookie mistake of hat and goggles off first before trying to unzip her wetsuit this was further unaided by cold hands and some time was lost here.

Out onto the bike, the 2-lap undulating route was uphill from the word go and Anita caught some of the ladies in front on the first main hill. The course seemed more up than down although there were a couple of nice descents, but some potholes and wet and narrow roads made this a little tricky in places. Anita took it steady on the second lap to save something for the run and contend with the hills being new to this distance, losing a few places.

Anita managed a quicker T2 and the run started off downhill towards the stables. Then it was past the deer park with the deer watching on probably thinking the triathletes were all mad. The course then continued down past another lake and wooded area to the turnaround point & Anita was not looking forward to coming back up the hill. The second lap was more mind over matter as Anita was slowing down and tiring at this point. The uphill finish was not fun especially the final uphill section. It was a very welcome site though!

Anita finished in 18th position, 2nd in V45 age group in a time of 3hours 18mins 16 secs

Anita had thanks for David and the boys for coming along to support and the early start from Witham.

Great result for a first standard triathlon, well Done!

Swim 1500m/ Bike 44km/ Run 10.5km
Swim:       00:27:41
Bike:         01:41.00
Run:         01:02:05
Overall:    03:18:16

On Sunday,  Andy Notley took part in the Mersea Sprint triathlon, his second outing for this event, incorporating a 750m open water swim, 20k bike & a 5k run, the latter part of which is on the beach!

With wetsuits optional for the swim Andy decided to go without and was off in wave 1. Making a diving start from the pontoon into the cool water resulted in his goggles coming off but he quickly sorted them & headed for the beach through some choppy waves.

Exiting the swim onto the sandy beach they had to jog the short distance to T1 and off onto the bike. Unfortunately after a few minutes the padded arm rest section on his drop down bars broke, so the majority of the bike leg was spent painfully resting on his arms on the metal handlebars! Traffic was also a hinderance and a strong head-wind for the only uphill part didn’t help, but he finished a few minutes up on his previous time & was the 2nd bike back!!!

Out of T2 and onto the run which started with a short hill, before a gentle downhill section to the beach. Sand and/or shingle… what a horrible surface to run on! With plenty of beach-goers cheering them on he trudged to the finish, ending the race 3rd in his wave & 2nd in the senior male age group, 5th overall and a good few minutes up on his previous outing for this race.

A good afternoon out!

Swim:       00:11:30
Bike:         00:34:33
Run:         00:24:57
Overall:    01:12:22s ( >3 minutes better than 2016 time)

Results = 2nd senior man, 4th male overall, 5th place overall

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