5 Go Wild in Gosfield

9 July 2018 - By James Montgomery

On Sunday 5 members of WRC’s triathlon squad, including first-timer, Anita Grainger, took part in the local and popluar Born 2 Tri Gosfield Triathlon.

There were two distances on offer, the Sprint, with a 750 meter swim, 20kms bike and 5 kms run and a standard distance with a 1500 meters swim, 40 kms bike and 10kms run. Basically one lap of the swim, bike and run or two laps of the swim bike and run.

The day warmed up very quickly as testified by myself and Theresa as we’d offerd to help Born 2 Tri out at the event and were there from around 5:30 am to help set up and man the bag-drop. As the competiitors arrived, there were many anxious faces about whether it would be a non-wetsuit swim. With the water being tepid for the last few weeks, the result was a foregone conclusion and the call many were fearing was made just under an hour before the start. Wetsuits would indeed be banned.

That didn’t deter our band of tri mercenaries as they entered the water in an unusual but effective rolling start, with both events intermingled and competitors event only identified by colour of swim cap.

With the single lappers streaming out, Anita, who’s swim is a strong part of her armour was first out and on to the bike, followed a few minutes later by Trevor Johnson, a regular here. The 2 lappers were streaming out next, predictably with Andy Notley out first and Carina Taylor hot on his heels and Lee Blake a few minutes further back.

The baking hot sun beginning to make conditions uncomfortable and the first competitors returning off the bike, with Anita being first back into transition and elated at not having been caught by Trevor, who was next in. Meanwhile, in the Standard distance event Andy was tearing his way around the course and putting distance into himself and Lee, who had overtaken Carina on the bike course.

And on to what must have been a rather uncomfortable run, it was later metioned by some that the course was a little short, although given the conditions I suspect only a few would have been bothered by that. With competitors coming in for the next few hours, Trevor was first home followed by Anita, picking up an excellent 3rd place in her age category. Then the double lappers appeared, with Andy first home in an excellent 2 hrs 15 mins, followed by Lee and a few minutes furtehr back, Carina.

750 meters swim/20kms bike/5kms run
Trevor Johnson
Swim:        00:16:36
Bike:          00:35:06
Run:          00:19:25
Overall:    01:13:25

Anita Grainger (1st Triathlon)
Swim:      00:14:47
Bike:         00:42:27
Run:         00:23:17
Overall:   01:23:09

1500 mtrs swim/40 kms bike/10 kms run
Andy Notley
Swim:       00:24:34
Bike:         01:10:35
Run:         00:39:37
Overall:    02:15:57

Lee Blake
Swim:       00:32:47
Bike:         01:19:37
Run:         00:41:51
Overall:    02:37:13

Carina Taylor
Swim:       00:28:31
Bike:         01:28:21
Run:         00:47:30
Overall:    02:46:21

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