Short Pyramids – 30/60/90s

27 July 2020 - By James Crisp

This week’s speed development session is a well-oiled favourite that we have ran before up Blunts Hall Road from the Old Oak Tree. It’s a short pyramid structure and a great way to get our bodies used to running at speed and become faster – or just to maintain it!

Session plan is 3 sets of pyramids: 30, 60, 90, 90, 60, 30s. There will also be an extended option for those wanting to push themselves further with 4 sets. Each whole set will have 2 minutes recovery.

This session works well as an ‘Out & Back’ as you run the first part of the pyramid out and then on the return try to finish at the same place you started. The aim is to run the 30, 60, 90 second effort at your 5k pace or slightly quicker with a 30 second standing recovery between each effort.

There’ll be 2 minutes rest after the 1st & 2nd block (and optional 3rd block), when you get back to where you started.

Total time for main part of the session will be 29 minutes and 30 seconds. (The extended option total will be 40 mins)

The session structure can be programmed into your Garmin or other device (some of you might still have it saved in your device from before) or a simple countdown/repeat or similar function set at 30 seconds will help you with the session.

Be sure to perform a 1-2 mile warm up and cool down along with post workout stretches.

Best of luck and as always feel free to ask any questions!



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