Weekend Triaction

5 August 2019 - By James Montgomery

Sunday 4th August
Tri Farm Triple Crown Race 3, Boreham, Essex
In prep for upcoming World Championships, Liz Stuckey had chosen about as local as possible for a warm-up event, Alex naturally joined her for something to do. With only a 15 minute journey and an 8am start time it wasn’t the usual mega early start like it often is for triathlons.

The 800m swim is a single lap of the Trifarm lake, so slightly longer than normal for the sprint distance. There was only one wave and both Alex and Liz started together. Liz found the swim to be a bit of a bundle and struggled to find a clear line to swim in. Alex had more luck and had no-one get in his way so had a good swim.

Alex was first out of the water, but was still in transition when Liz came out of the water and was first onto the bike. It was only a few hundred metres into the bike course before the steep climb up Church Road followed immediately by Colam Lane began so no real time to get into it and warmed-up before a big effort. Alex overtook lots of riders at this point. At the top of the climb and the junction with North Hill there was a mandatory foot down point so took away what speed you might have had and as it was slightly uphill over the junction it was tough to get going again. After that, the course is relatively flat and fast for the remainder back to Trifarm with a nice downhill back to transition and at 18K it is slightly shorter than other sprint races.

Alex arrived in Transition first and Liz was surprised to find him still there putting his socks on when she arrived, but their bike times had been very similar. Out of T2 and onto the run which was 5 laps of the Trifarm run circuit around the lake which is a gravel path and a little uneven. With Alex now only about 30 seconds ahead of her, Liz closed in rapidly, making the pass on the second lap and on to the finishline to finish 4th female overall and 2nd in age category.

Swim:      00:16:15
Bike:        00:35:47
Run:        00:23.22
Overall:   01:17:57

Swim:      00:14:55
Bike:        00:35:27
Run:        00:25:16
Overall:   01:19:35

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