Weekend Race Results – just another average WRC weekend

9 September 2018 - By Steve Hennings

12 PBs, 1 Mens 1st MV40 Cat, 1 Mens 1st MV45 Cat and a Club Record thrown in for good measure.

Next Week is the Pleshey & Essex Half Marathon – based on some current form it is going to be a very exciting day out.


Essex Cross Country Series – Weald Country Park

The last of the Essex Cross Country series was held in Weald Country Park, with Ross Silverton the only club member there finishing in 0:57:08 for his 1st race of the weekend.


Tom’s Cairn 10k Trail Race

“What news from Scotland?” I hear you ask. Well according to David Stevens it is still raining, but that just made the Tom’s Cairn 10k Trail Race all the more exciting.

In essence there is a big hill called Tom’s Cairn above Finzean village (standing at around 300m – so a mere pimple in Scotland terms, but would be a monster in Essex) that a bunch of people run up and back down in a circular race. David came in 7th in 0:45:27, out of 92 finishers (and a long list of DNF’s)

Colchester Stampede Half Marathon

We had 4 members on the lookout for a cheeky monkey or 2, at this inaugural event. Sandy Karl got herself a PB for good measure.

Name Time Comment
Sandy Karl 01:57:49 PB
Liz Prior 02:16:38
Dawn Shilling 02:45:46
Penny Clarke 02:46:14

Harlow 10 miles

This can’t really be described as a flat course, but it is a good event which thankfully stays well away from the uglier parts of town. A  few people still came up and asked me if I knew Heydon Mizon, who apparently grew up there and was a bit of a tearaway in his time! 3 club members were running today:-

Name Time Comment
Steve Hennings 01:19:38
Martina Hennings 01:46:55
Kayleigh Karr 01:49:46

Palmer & Partners Langham 5k & 10k (Club Champs)


Owen Dare, AKA The Terminator, who will just not be stopped until he achieves his goal finally broke the club 5k record for the 55-60 male age group smashing his PB to come home in 0:18:33

10k – Club Champs

Langham is the final 10k in the Club Champs calendar and is always competitive with plenty of PBs. I’ll let you scroll down through the long list of PB’s – some amazing running today folks. David Hunt and Pete Riley also first in their age groups.

Name Time Comment
David Hunt 00:36:14 PB & 1st MV40
Scott Darney 00:37:14 PB
Pete Riley 00:37:36 PB & 1st MV45
Giles Sowerby 00:39:27
Gavin Moore 00:40:59 PB
Simon Scott 00:41:51 SB
Kevin Harper 00:43:43
Paul English 00:44:00 SB
Mark Lynch 00:48:24
Graham Eyre 00:49:15
Thomas Ashley 00:49:31
Jason Lilley 00:50:18 PB
David Grainger 00:50:58 PB
Ben Miller 00:51:07 PB
Danny Connor 00:51:37
Colin Short 00:51:53
James Attenborough 00:52:41 PB
Ross Silverton 00:56:12
Sylvie Bullen-Bell 00:56:36
Sasha Rush 00:57:58
Sue Shippey 00:59:48
Aimee Brinzer 00:59:52
Julia Bacon 00:59:59
Karen Flowers 01:00:05
Beth Shippey 01:01:06 PB
Natalie Lilley 01:04:40 PB

The Green Man 7.5 & 4 mile Trail Race

Scott Darney, following his PB, thought he’d race again for his cool down! Go figure?

7.5 Mile Time
Terry Alabaster 1:06:31
Jo Smythe 1:25:27
Bill Smythe 1:25:27
4 Mile Time
Scott Darney 0:36:42

Welwyn Garden Half Marathon

Anthony Smith was in Welwyn today finishing in a time of 2:13:20


  1. Anthony Smith says:

    I run the Welwyn Garden City half marathon Sunday.My time was 2 hours 13 minutes and second’s.

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