Time Trial 10 – results

2 December 2018 - By James Crisp

Alas, Smythes and No Phones

Today saw 27 brave warriors set out on into unknown territory, a run without their watch! The only monitor of time to rely on was the sun and their sense of pace.

After a frantic course set up and a slightly late arrival back to Race HQ by myself and Danny, the rest of the morning continued without a glitch. There were a few last-minute time changes by the runners, some of which may later be regretted.

We made our way up to the start line, which was being occupied by a parked car with a funny smelling, happy man. After a quick exchange of pleasantries and a 3-2-1, the naked runners set off. The start was slightly later than 9.30am (9.33am) which of course was completely planned so there were no attempts to sync pacing with church clocks, passers-by etc!

Then myself and the race officials, Martyn, Elizabeth, Natalie and Danny, sat back, put the kettle on and discussed who we thought was the most metronomic.

As our first runner, Matt Jordan led the field home, followed closely by Simon and Mark, it was unclear who the actual winner would be until the last runner was home.

From early results, it was clear Mr ‘Metronome’ Smythe had set a pretty accurate finish being only 6 seconds outside of his predicted time. What we weren’t quite aware of, was that Mrs Metronome had also been practising!

So a huge congratulations to Bill and Jo for finishing closest to their expected times. As the first prize for male and female was a £50 voucher each for their chosen sports retailer, the Smythes return home after a good day at the office.

It seems most found it quite liberating without their watches, so maybe we will see a few more manual uploaded pacing runs on Strava in the future. Well done everyone who took part. Full results below.


Full Results

Name Estimated time Actual time Time difference
Bill Smythe 01:17:30 01:17:24 00:06
Jason Lilley 01:35:00 01:35:10 00:10
Andy Lager 01:17:30 01:17:18 00:12
Andy Notley 01:17:30 01:17:13 00:17
Darren Digby 01:34:30 01:34:58 00:28
Jo Smythe 01:50:00 01:49:30 00:30
Lee Pembroke 01:25:00 01:24:09 00:51
Sue Shippey 01:38:00 01:38:53 00:53
Rickard Rydell 01:26:30 01:25:29 01:01
Matt Jordan 01:15:00 01:16:15 01:15
Aimee Brinzer 01:40:00 01:38:23 01:37
Gerry Greenwold 01:30:37 01:32:25 01:48
Nick Looby 01:30:37 01:32:26 01:49
Brigid Wallen 01:24:37 01:22:45 01:52
James Montgomery 01:34:10 01:36:14 02:04
Marc Underdown 01:22:11 01:19:48 02:23
Mark Austin 01:19:00 01:16:35 02:25
Emma Fox 01:25:20 01:22:48 02:32
Thomas Ashley 01:26:42 01:23:54 02:48
Lee Blake 01:27:20 01:24:27 02:53
Sylvia Bullen-Bell 01:34:00 01:37:07 03:07
Karen Flowers 01:38:00 01:41:18 03:18
Simon Cresswell 01:20:00 01:16:35 03:25
Adam Regan 01:27:30 01:24:05 03:25
Ross Silverton 01:35:20 01:38:52 03:32
Carina Taylor 01:29:00 01:25:06 03:54
Charlotte Roberts 01:15:43 01:22:48 07:05

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