Springfield XC Updated Results

30 January 2017 - By Anita Grainger

Following yesterday’ post…….. after a fantastic turnout on Sunday and great result and initial error spotted with the results, a further error has been identified. This is good news for WRC as we came 3rd overall on Sunday and not 4th giving the club an extra point in the league.

The 4 way tie is now a 3 way tie as errors were made with both Great Bentley and Colchester Harriers results. Colchester now came 5th overall and Great Bentley 4th overall.

So what does this mean for WRC, well I can now officially state that we are safe in Division A and staying up wahhooooooo! Well done everyone. However, there is still one race to go, so let’s finish in style and hold onto our 3rd place in the league, whilst being proud hosts for the final race

As promised the other maths bit (if you didn’t get enough maths yesterday!)….… although only the first 4 ladies and 8 men score here are more examples of how non scoring runners can affect placings;

In the ladies 7 of our ladies came in front of Springfield Striders  4th runner.

In the mens 15 of our men came in front of Colchester Harriers’ 8th runner and 10 of our men came in front of Harwich’s 8th runner.

League table below

1 Ipswich Jaffa 29
2 Colchester Harriers 23
3 Witham 17
4 Springfield Striders 14
5 Harwich Runners 12
6 Great Bentley 10


Well done everyone , what a fantastic result!

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