Results w/e 19/09/21

20 September 2021 - By James Blackshaw

Pleshey Half Marathon

Pleshey was the big one this weekend, and as always it was well attended by the WRC crew. Great work all.

Overall Place Name Chip Time Comment
48 Leo Cole 01:29:56
70 Simon Scott 01:37:32 Bronze County Champs
81 Andrew Watson 01:39:28 PB
122 Sharon Read 01:47:36
129 Gerry Greenwold 01:48:38
141 Thomas Ashley 01:50:22
145 Sally Hoyle 01:52:26
169 Ben Roberts 01:59:29
180 Lysia Jiggins 02:02:55
181 Rachel Sharp 02:02:57
198 Ross Silverton 02:07:58
201 Anthony Smith 02:08:41
226 Karen Flowers 02:20:00
238 Sian Tate 02:26:25
243 Natalie Lilley 02:29:15


London to Brighton Cycle Event.

Damien Walsh was out on two wheels yesterday cycling from London to Brighton, and completed all 55 miles of it 3hr 41 mins. Great work Damo.


Let me know if you did anything of note at the weekend that isn’t included here.*



Thought For The Week: “Pay tax is essentially the yearly subscription to the country you live in. Childhood is the free trial” 


*Athletic accomplishments only please. Finishing off the skirting boards or going to Pepper Pig world doesn’t count.

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