Results w/e 18/10/20

18 October 2020 - By James Blackshaw

Road racing is back!

Two sets of 10k races to bring you this week, and a host of pretty decent times at that. It’s almost like people had just been waiting to get out there and race again…who’d have thunk it?


RunThrough Chase The Moon Olympic Park 10k – Wednesday

Position Runner Time
8 Heydon Mizon 00:35:28
18 Scott Darney 00:36:50
20 Pete Riley 00:37:05


Running Grand Prix- Bedford Autodrome – Sunday

Position Runner Time
14 Damien Walsh 00:36:19
20 Rob Frost 00:36:49
24 Andrew Smith 00:37:27
36 Bijay Lama 00:39:37
261 Sharon Read 00:56:45


Great running all. Please let me know if I’ve missed you race or result.


Thought for the week: “The surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that it has never tried to contact us.”


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