Results w/e 14/11/2021

15 November 2021 - By James Blackshaw

Stebbing 10

Big WRC turnout at this classic Remembrance Day event, and PBs galore. Great work all that ran.

Pos Chip Time Name Comment
14 00:59:31 Heydon Mizon
41 01:03:58 Peter Banks PB
48 01:05:21 Leo Cole
61 01:06:39 Andrew Smith
63 01:07:35 Mark Austin PB
96 01:11:50 Simon Scott
123 01:13:42 Clive Smith PB
130 01:14:08 Thomas Ashley PB
144 01:15:43 Gerry Greenwold PB
188 01:21:15 Tom Warman
218 01:22:47 Sharon Read
346 01:34:37 Anthony Smith
373 01:37:28 Ross Silverton
413 01:42:21 Sue Shippey
414 01:42:23 Karen Flowers


Hare & Tortoise Remembrance Day Trail

Lapped course at Brightlingsea, and some excellent performances, including Lysia’s first ultra distance run, Clarice’s marathon, and Paul, who ran over twice as much as he’s ever run before. Well done WRC crew!

Lysia Jiggins – 32.75 miles – 6:11:13

Clarice Sanderson – 26.2 miles – 5:35:13

Paul Jiggins – 19.65 miles – 4:53:26

Sasha Rush – 13.1 miles – 2:55:26

Jenny Layley – 13.1 miles – 2:55:27

Jodee Mayer – 6.55 – 1:22:47


Debden Airfield Remembrance 10k/Half Marathon

David Carey ran the 10k version of this event, and finished in 43:51, in 15th place, whilst Ross Silverton ran the Half Marathon and finished in 2:12:17. Great work gents!


The Hobble

Two distances available for this classic trail run, and well attended by WRC.

14.6 Mile Course

Name Run Time
Chris Beazeley 2:46:59
Nichola Norman 2:46:59
Nick Looby 2:48:54
Brigid Wallen 2:48:54
Andrew Read 2:48:54

8.5 Mile Course

Name Run Time
Geoff Reddin 1:32:14
Andy White 1:32:14


Maverick Alzeimer’s Research UK Original

Abby Reilly, , Liz Prior, and Katie Layley took part in this 17km trail race in Woodbridge, Suffolk, and finished in 1:35:49, 1:35:51, and 1:35:52, respectively. Great work WRC ladies!


Just a quick thank you to those who have reached out to let me know about your event/result this weekend. With the bigger events like Stebbing I obviously know that it’s happening, but if the event is less well known or out of the area, then I may miss it, so it’s genuinely appreciated when someone let me know what they’ve done. Cheers.



Thought For The Week: “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt.”


  1. Ross Silverton says:

    Saturday 13/11/21 Debden Airfield Remembrance Half Marathon
    Time 2.12.17

  2. James Blackshaw James Blackshaw says:

    Updated. Thanks Ross.

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