Results 17/08/20

17 August 2020 - By James Blackshaw

Yep, actual results from an actual, non-virtual running race!

While the mass simultaneous starting pens of road racing still seem a long way off, trail and ultra type running appears to have found a way round the limitations the Covid-19 pandemic has placed upon us. Several ultra races have successfully taken place over the last few weeks, and on Saturday twelve backpack-clad members of WRC made their way to Suffolk to run either 50km or 100km along the Stour Valley Path.

Despite the recent balmy conditions a constant morning drizzle had made the first half of the course surprisingly muddy for the 100km runners, and unfortunately at some point after the halfway mark it got the better of both James Douglas and Danny Connor, who both had to withdraw. In the 50km, Scott Darney was suffering from various issues, and made the sensible decision to end his race early.

The spectation on the course from other WRC members was immense, and I’m sure all the runners would agree it made a big difference seeing friendly faces at the checkpoints.

Full results below.


SVP 100

29 Gavin Laws 11:52:11
43 James Blackshaw 12:36:29


SVP 50

20 Sean Darney 05:00:47
149 Liz Prior 07:41:48
163 Sarah Naughton 08:12:24
168 Jodee Mayer 08:23:06
171 Terry Alabaster 08:28:17
171 Brigid Wallen 08:28:17
173 Gerry Greenwold 08:28:18




Thought for the week: “Have you ever noticed that all the instruments searching for intelligent life are pointed away from Earth?”

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