Race Results w/e 23/02/20

24 February 2020 - By James Blackshaw

St Peter’s Way Ultra

Matt Jordan and Gavin Laws were taking part in this 43 miles ultra from one side of Essex to the other. Despite windy and wet conditions, Matt bettered last years time, finishing 5th in 6:42, and Gavin put in a great performance, coming 13th in 7:31.


Nottingham National XC

Leo Cole was at this XC event, finishing the 12km course in 01:04:17.


Beat Around The Bush

Strong turnout and performance by the Witham crowd at this 5 mile trail event in Mundon.

Andy Lager – 1st – 39:15

Bill Smythe  – 3rd – 45:13

Steve Watson  – 4th – 45:48

Terry Alabaster  -8th – 49:14


Harwich XC

Fantastic turnout and and great performances from our yellow and gold team. Men came 3rd, ladies came 4th, which gave us a combined 3rd, and makes us 4th overall in our pool. Great work!

Runner Cat. Club Position
Heydon Mizon V45 Witham 10
James Crisp V45 Witham 25
Giles Sowerby V40 Witham 26
Andrew Smith OPEN Witham 36
Ray Lawrence V50 Witham 47
Andrew Notley V40 Witham 60
Bijay Lama OPEN Witham 68
Mark Austin V65 Witham 75
Peter  Banks V45 Witham 77
Richard Green OPEN Witham 85
Bill Smythe V50 Witham 91
Thomas Ashley V40 Witham 93
Tony Wallen V50 Witham 95
Alex Stuckey V45 Witham 106
Clive Smith OPEN Witham 107
James Attenborough V40 Witham 113
Adam Regan OPEN Witham 115
Dean Whittaker V40 Witham 119
Steve Watson OPEN Witham 125
David  Jobling V65 Witham 131
Terry Alabaster V55 Witham 134
Andrew Read V55 Witham 138
Andy White V50 Witham 140
Dave Holditch V40 Witham 142
Geoffery Reddin V60 Witham 143
John Lloyd V50 Witham 148
Danny Connor OPEN Witham 153
Anthony Smith V60 Witham 159
Colin  Short V75 Witham 161


Runner CAT. Club Position
Victoria Hayes OPEN Witham 5
Angela Wray OPEN Witham 17
Vicky Hunt OPEN Witham 18
Liz Stuckey V45 Witham 22
Elizabeth Prior OPEN Witham 23
Rachel Pearsons V45 Witham 35
Anita Grainger V45 Witham 41
Brigid Wallen V55 Witham 43
Sam Reeve OPEN Witham 61
Angela Read V60 Witham 83
Rachna Lama OPEN Witham 84



Great work everyone!



Thought for the week: “You can distinguish an alligator from a crocodile by paying attention to whether the animal sees you later or in a while.”

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