Race Results w/e 19/05/19

20 May 2019 - By James Blackshaw

Galleywood Gallop – Wednesday 15th, Chelmsford

Terry Alabaster is getting right back into the racing spirit, and took part in Essex Trail Event’s Galleywood Gallop, finishing in 45:35.


Nuclear Rush, Saturday 18th, Brentwood

We had a few runners at the Nuclear Rush weekend. Not entirely sure what this involves, but it sounds hideous. Gemma and Michael Watkins went round the 7k course in  3:07, Rob Grimwood also did the 7k course and finished in 02:25:46, and Alex Field seems to have done the 7k course on the Saturday in 2:31, and the Oblivion Extreme (24km?) event on the Sunday in 5:37.


North Down’s Way 50 – Saturday 18th, Farnham 

Mountain Man Matt Jordan was racing in the North Down’s Way 50 on Saturday. The course is 50 trail miles and nearly 6000ft of climbing, and MJ finished in an impressive 9:48:44.


Copenhagen Marathon – Sunday 19th

Haydeh Safavi was representing the black and gold in foreign lands, taking part in the Copenhagen Marathon, and finishing in an excellent 5:21:12.


Paras’ 10 – Sunday 19th, Colchester

We had two representatives at the Colchester Paras’ 10. In the running event it was that man again, Heydon Mizon (or “Heyoon Mizon” as he appears in the results) that was first over the line (and that’s first overall, not just for first for WRC, but let’s face it, you probably assumed that anyway), finishing with canine pal Holly, in 1:05:57. Thomas Ashley was taking part in the tabbing event, and carrying a 35lb rucksack on his shoulders, finished in 1:55:44. Great work guys!


Colchester Zoo Stampede 10K – Sunday 19th

In my head, this race involves running through the wilderness avoiding getting eaten by lions and tigers and getting chased by a herd of elephants, whilst overhead eagles and falcons are dropping feral, knife wielding turtles from their talons. Meanwhile, troops of chimps have assembled in the trees with hand-sharpened weapons, and flesh eating parasites lie in wait for their buffet of lycra-clad humans. So let’s go with that. Eight runners from WRC took part, and they all lived to tell the tale.

Pos Name Time
420 SUE SHIPPEY 00:57:28
460 KAREN FLOWERS 00:58:17
589 IZZIE BARCLAY 01:01:27
613 MAGGIE MASON 01:01:48
696 BETHANY SHIPPEY 01:03:19
768 JOHN LLOYD 01:04:52


Baddow 10

Unfortunately, the timing company that this race uses doesn’t allow me to filter the results by club, so thanks to DJ for providing the WRC results.

42 Simon Cresswell 01:08:44
80 Richard Green 01:13:37
104 Lee Pembroke 01:16:06
106 Jordan Barker 01:16:15
252 Andy White 01:25:26
271 David Jobling 01:26:30
307 Nicholas Looby 01:29:02
308 Ruth Mizon 01:29:05
369 Ross Silverton 01:33:14
397 Sue Smith 01:35:08
422 Nicola Dalinger 01:36:19
475 Anthony Smith 01:40:03
508 Julia Bacon 01:43:42
531 Aimee Brinzer 01:46:06
579 Jodee Mayer 01:53:15





Thought for the week: No one person is bigger than the club.

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