Race Results w/e 07/04/19

8 April 2019 - By James Blackshaw

Manchester Marathon

WRC had a great representation at Manchester, with four runners making the journey up the M1 for one of the UK’s biggest marathons. Charlotte Roberts was the first across the line for Witham in 3:54:33, and coming well within the top 25% of her category. Adam Regan was next in a fantastic time of 4:00:43, especially considering it was his debut marathon. Tom Ashley, or ‘Tashley’ was next across the line, in his first of two marathons in a month, and by using Lemsip Max as a fuelling compound, managed an impressive time of 4:10:27. Elizabeth Prior wrapped things up for Witham in a great time of 4:34:14, and her day appeared to be ruined only slightly by the fact the beer at the end was non-alcoholic.

New prospective member Elliott Moulster also ran in 3:35:44, so let’s hope he joins up! 🙂

Great work marathoners!


Rayleigh 10k

Julia Bacon flew the flag for WRC at the Rayleigh 10k, which is a trail race, and she got round in 1:02:53


Layer 5

Andy Notley, Shawn Beckerleg and Maggie Mason took part in the Layer 5, which is a brand new 5 mile race. Andy finished in 36:12, coming 19th overall, Shawn finished in 40:11, and Maggie came over the line in 49:13.


MEC Presentation Trail

WRC trail trio of Lager, Smythe and Smythe took part in the Mid Essex Casuals Presentation trail event. Andy Lager did brilliantly, coming in 1st place in 46:21. Young William finished in 56:35, shortly finished by Mrs S in 1:20:18.


Haverhill 10K

Andrew and Angela Read took part in the Haverhill 10k race, with Andrew finishing in 50:32, and Angela completing the course in 1:06:28.


Spring Lambs

Sandy Karl took to the bike to take part in the 150km Spring Lambs Essex Sportive, and finished in a very impressive 6:40:13. John Ellis did the 100k course.


South Downs Way 50

I took part in Centurion Running’s South Downs Way 50 mile running event, and finished in 8:55:56.



  1. Andrew Read Andrew Read says:

    Hi, Angela and I both flew the WRC flag at “Haverhill Running Festival” running the Haver 10k.

  2. Theresa Montgomery says:

    John Ellis also took part in the Spring Lamb, he did the 100k

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