Race Results w/e 01/09/19

3 September 2019 - By James Blackshaw

Outrun 12

I won’t lie, I am slightly annoyed that this event hosted by Hare & Tortoise Events has absolutely nothing to do with driving a Ferrari Testarossa in an 80’s video game. None the less, Jason Lilley, Natalie Lilley and Jodee Mayer all got over it, and was representing the black and the gold. The event comprised running as many laps of a 2.5 mile trail course as you can in 12 hours. Jason completed 20 laps covering 52 miles, Natalie completed 12 laps and covered 31.2 miles, and Jodee was part of a four lady team, and she completed 17.14 miles. Great work all!


Colne Engaine 5

Jodee Mayer power walked around this course in her second event of the weekend, completing the race in 1:09. Great effort!


Essex Way Relay

We had two teams entered in this mammoth race across the county:

Witham Men (MJ, L.Cole, Sowerby, Crispathon,  Laws, Finslow,  Coach Darnster, Wallen, Dare, Sawyer)  – 7th place

Witham Mixed (Walsh, Leech, Banks, Wallen, Ashley, Silverton, Moore, B. Smythe, J. Smythe, ‘David’ Attenborough) – 34th place.

Well done & thanks to Bill Smythe for co-ordinating the teams.


Takeley 10k

Octavia Singleton and Ross Silverton were attending this event. Octavia went round in 43:42, coming second in her category. Ross completed the course in 55:20, and then went on to represent the club in the Essex Way relay. Well done both!


Please let me know if I’ve missed your race or result.



Thought for the week: ‘Strap on’ spelled backwards is ‘No parts’.

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