Race Results 27/10/19

28 October 2019 - By James Blackshaw

Wix 5

An amazing day for Witham at the Wix 5 yesterday, with yet another club record for the Heydonator, 4 runners in the top 10, a bunch of PBs, and an even bigger bunch of club standard runs. Congrats also to all those that achieved a full set of club standards.

Going forward, I’ve written myself a little Excel macro (geek!) which means I’ll hopefully be able to automatically pick-up whether the run achieved a club standard, and when I get round to doing all the data scraping, whether it was a PB. Aren’t you lucky.

Position Name Chip Time PB Standard
2 Heydon Mizon 27:30.6 PB Diamond & Club Record
8 James Crisp 28:50.1 Diamond
9 Scott Darney 28:52.7 PB Gold
10 Chris Martin 29:08.2 PB Gold
23 Damien Walsh 31:14.4 PB Silver
26 Andrew Smith 31:41.6 PB Silver
29 Leo Cole 31:50.2 Gold
78 Jordan Barker 00:36:08 PB Bronze
96 Thomas Ashley 36:52.3 PB Bronze
109 Jason Lilley 37:28.5 PB Bronze
121 David Jobling 38:27.3 Silver
161 Geoffrey Reddin 41:07.8 Bronze
174 Ross Silverton 41:34.5 Silver
215 Helen Came 43:59.5 Bronze
236 Karen Flowers 45:10.5 PB Bronze
239 Colin Short 45:22.4 Silver
284 Natalie Lilley 48:37.2 PB Bronze

Stort 30

This lovely little trot along the river Stort was attended by three of our number, and, as far as I’m aware, it was the first ultra distance run for any of them. Great work guys!

Position Name Time
19 Gavin Laws 04:22:10
36 Octavia Singleton 04:38:39
107 Adam Regan 05:36:26


Venice Marathon

Julia Bacon was in Venice to take part in the marathon, and finished in a very respectable 5:21:03


Felsted Trio 12

Our resident trail gurus of Wallen, Alabaster and Greenwold took to the trails around Felsted in this Essex Trail Events race. Unfortunately Gerry had to stop due an injury, but Terry and Brigid soldiered on to finish in 2:22:15.


Well done everyone. Let me know if I missed anything.



Thought for the week: “If the human brain were a computer, it could perform 38 thousand trillion operations per second. The world’s most powerful supercomputer, BlueGene, can manage only 0.02% of that.”


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