Race Results 12/01/20

13 January 2020 - By James Blackshaw

Essex XC League – Hilly Fields

We had two runners at Saturday’s XC league race. Leo Cole finished in 30:32, and Dave Jobling came home in 40:12. Good work gents.


NESS XC League – Writtle

Great turnout yesterday, with 41 WRC runners on the start line. Team results can be found here.

Next XC is Feb 9th in Colchester.


Runner Position
Vicki Riley 22
Angela Wray 23
Elizabeth Read 33
Brigid Wallen 41
Anita Grainger 44
Sharon Read 71
Maxine Leech 75
Natalie Lilley 80
Angela Read 85



Runner Position
Heydon Mizon 9
Matt Rees 22
Giles Sowerby 23
James Crisp 25
Damien Walsh 30
Peter  Riley 33
Stuart  Mills 52
Andrew Smith 60
Andrew Notley 62
Rob Greaves 63
Adam Salkeld 68
Peter  Banks 75
Bijay Lama 80
James Blackshaw 81
Thomas Ashley 85
Bill Smythe 98
Clive Smith 99
Mark Austin 101
Jordan Barker 104
Jason Lilley 121
David  Jobling 136
Dave Holditch 138
Gerry Greenwold 139
Adam Regan 140
John Lloyd 146
Ian Lucas 147
Andrew Read 152
Darren Digby 170
Colin  Short 174


Great work everyone.



Thought for the week: ‘If you believe that a human or post human species will ever have the computing power to run a simulation of life as we know it, then it follows that it is more probable that we are living in that simulation than not.’

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