Ekiden Relays Results

15 July 2019 - By Jason Lilley

This was a big weekend for sport, with so much going on that it was almost impossible to take it all in, but no doubt when they had all finished what they were doing, I’m sure the England Cricket team, Novak Djokovic and Lewis Hamilton would all have jumped online to find out how WRC got on at the Ekiden relays.

For those who have never heard of it, the Ekiden Relays is a 26.2 mile event, run by teams of six runners as a relay. It is based on a Japanese race format and is the only event of its type currently run in the UK. It has been hosted by Ipswich Jaffa for over 20 years.

We had 21 runners plus supporters who made the journey to the Woodbridge School for this year’s event. It is a big event with lots going on, so is always a good day out for runners and their families. This year was well attended as usual with four teams drawn from a mix of seasoned Ekiden runners and some newer members making their debut.

Fortunately the weather was relatively kind this time around and we didn’t have to contend with the tough temperatures we had last year.

There were fantastic performances by all our runners, but special mention goes to Heydon Mizon for setting a new club record on his 10k stint. Full results are below:

Ladies Open – 9th in Category
Charlotte Roberts 7.2km 35:11  
Tanya Cregan 5km 25:52  
Natalie Lilley 10km 1:07:37  
Karen Flowers 5km 27:28  
Haydeh Safavi 10km 57:27  
Bethany Shippey 5km 31:24  


Mens Vets – 4th in Category
Simon Scott 7.2km 31:14  
Leo Cole 5km 19:54  
Heydon Mizon 10km 36:10 Club Record
Leo Cole 5km 20:26  
Andy Lager 10km 40:50  
Mark Austin 5km 20:12  


Mixed C – 42nd in Category
Adam Regan 7.2km 33:24  
Hayley Ellen 5km 21:10  
Jason Lilley 10km 52:05  
Andrew Read 5km 24:08  
John Lloyd 10km 54:37  
Vikki Hayes 5km 20:51  


Mixed D – 65th in Category
Jordan Barker 7.2km 32:42  
Ruth Mizon 5km 26:27  
Darren Digby 10km 59:36  
Jordan Barker 5km 22:52  
David Jobling 10km 49:36  
Karen Flowers 5km 28:16  

Although the course is flat, broadly speaking, it is a tough one for PBs, but if anybody did achieve one, please let me know and I’ll update the results.

Special mention goes to Mark Austin who wins the ‘Cutting It Fine’ award for slightly underestimating the abilities of his team and arriving a spectacular 90 seconds before the start of his 5k stint!

Huge thanks to all those who ran, to all those who cheered, and to all those who had a hand in getting us there.

I’d specifically like to thank Adam Regan who stepped in at short notice, Karen Flowers, Leo Cole and Jordan Barker who each ran two legs to make up for shortfalls, David Grainger who dropped everything to help with Gazebo collection, and last but very definitely not least, David Jobling who donned the Captain’s hat at the last minute and did a fantastic job.


  1. Darren Digby Darren Digby says:

    A fantastic well organised day, David might not agree but a massive thank you to David Jobling for stepping in and doing a great job. Will definitely want to be there next year.

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