Black & Gold – weekend race report

11 September 2017 - By Steve Hennings

If I’ve missed anyone or any PBs please let me know

Jungfrau (don’t ask me to pronounce it) Mountain Marathon

There always appears to be one WRC member off doing something a bit extreme. Ross Henderson was this week’s, taking on the Jungfrau Marathon in the Swiss Alps. I’ll leave you to Google it, but in essence you run a trail marathon up a mountain. With over 1800m of climbing this is a race for mountain goats, with Ross completing it in an impressive 04:42:38.

Essex Cross Country Series – Final Race

On flatter ground it was the last of the 5 race Cross Country series was held at Weald Park over a tough 10k on Saturday.
Gerry Greenwold finished in 00:52:01; and, Victoria Levine, having completed all 5 races in the series, finished in a time of 01:08:29
Great North Run

Up on Tyneside we had three members running.

If you stalk him on Strava, you’ll have noticed Mark Finbow’s strong form recently and that was shown with a time of 01:22:40, which we mortals only dream of achieving!

John Barrett completed the course in a time of 01:58:11; and, Louise Pascoe completed the 1st of 3 back to back half-marathons, finishing in a time of 02:10:47. Tune in next week for the results of her trip to the Bristol half.


Sweat & Stour 8 mile trail race

It was couples day at the Sweat & Stour with Tony & Brigid Wallen; and, Andy White & Sue Smith representing the club

Place Name Time
20 Brigid Wallen 01:23:28
21 Tony Wallen 01:23:30
31 Andy White 01:37:19
32 Sue Smith 01:37:21


Langham 10k

And that just leaves Langham! Apparently the first recorded case of “Mass Hysteria Race Entry” within an Essex running club – we had over 40 club members running.

3rd lady home was Liz Stuckey (who was downplaying her chances on the start line!) and defying the march of time was our own “Benjamin Button” Mark Austin who was 1st male over 60, along with another PB!

There were a huge bunch of PBs across the runners as you can see below, and a special mention goes out to all the first timers for the club racing in their Witham vests for the first time. Black & Gold!

  • denotes 1st time in a Witham RC vest!
Position First Surname Cat Actualtime
14 Chris Martin MO 00:36:50.10 PB
17 David Hunt MO 00:37:09.28 PB
19 Heydon Mizon M40 00:37:36.33 PB
24 Scott Darney MO 00:38:32.69 PB
29 Leo Cole M50 00:39:04.15
33 Giles Sowerby MO 00:39:24.98 PB
35 Pete Riley M45 00:39:27.75
37 Owen Dare M50 00:39:40.10 PB
55 Mark Austin M60 00:41:16.23 PB
72 Paul English MO 00:42:37.89 PB
78 Simon Scott M50 00:43:03.17
85 Steven Watson MO 00:43:17.89
88 Paul Thomas M40 00:43:27.54 PB
94 Liz Stuckey F40 00:43:43.27
116 Bill Smythe M45 00:44:42.05
137 Steve Hennings M50 00:45:49.91 PB
166 Gerry Greenwold M50 00:47:21.51
171 Shawn Beckerleg M40 00:47:28.58
187 Lee Blake M50 00:48:11.20 PB
196 Michelle English FO 00:48:17.80
204 Danny Connor MO 00:48:33.88 PB
209 Rebecca Booty FO 00:48:42.12 PB
230 Dave Jobling M60 00:49:24.86
248 Thomas Ashley MO 00:50:07.47
264 Tanya Nash FO 00:50:32.75
268 Carina Taylor F40 00:50:53.69
273 Colin Short M65 00:51:08.03
335 David Grainger M50 00:53:41.70 PB
340 John Lloyd M45 00:53:53.39 PB*
356 Becky Grimwood FO 00:54:56.60
385 Tracey Denby F50 00:56:17.63 PB
398 Sylvia Bullen-Bell F50 00:56:35.41 PB*
406 Fay Hunt FO 00:56:59.73 PB*
460 Sue Shippey F45 00:59:15.96
468 Karen Flowers F45 00:59:36.00
471 Emma Sweeney FO 00:59:48.94
472 Sasha Rush FO 00:59:54.39
529 Martina Byrne F50 01:02:35.62
549 Christine Wager FO 01:03:54.30 PB*
613 Hillary Curtis F55 01:08:04.14 PB*
638 JoJo Lakin F40 01:10:19.31 PB*
639 Charlotte Moore F45 01:10:19.37 PB*

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