Race Results w/e 10/11/19

11 November 2019 - By James Blackshaw

Saffron Walden Half Marathon

Stephen Sawyer was in Saffron Walden for this rememberance half marathon, finishing 6th in a very impressive 1:24:50. Great work!


Richmond Half Marathon

Ruth Mizon (The Ruthinator) went to the far end of the underground line for this half marathon, finishing with a big PB of 2:03:27. Good effort!


Stebbing 10

It was the last road race of both the club championship and the Essex championship competitions, and made for some big performances.

Huge congratulations to Mark Austin for becoming M60 County Champion, and I think also Leo Cole for becoming M50 County Champion(awaiting confirmation) – Amazing achievements!!!

Club records for both Heydon Mizon and Brigid Wallen – outstanding efforts!

Position Name Time Standard PB
15 Heydon Mizon 00:57:42 Diamond PB
20 Mark Finbow 00:58:42 Gold PB
30 James Crisp 01:00:34 Gold PB
31 Scott Darney 01:00:37 Gold PB
38 Giles Sowerby 01:01:57 Gold PB
54 Damien Walsh 01:05:16 Silver PB
55 Andrew Smith 01:05:21 Silver PB
56 Leo Cole 01:05:39 Gold
65 Ray Lawrence 01:06:28
66 Pete Riley 01:06:53 Gold
79 Mark Austin 01:08:23 Gold
88 Pete Banks 01:09:20
91 James Blackshaw 01:09:38 Silver PB
106 Simon Scott 01:11:35 Silver
133 Hayley Ellen 01:14:38 Silver
141 Alex Stuckey 01:15:05 Bronze
169 Brigid Wallen 01:18:10 Gold
199 Adam Regan 01:21:14 PB
207 Rachel Pearsons 01:22:08 Silver
212 David Jobling 01:22:29 Silver
219 Anita Grainger 01:22:59 Silver
331 Ross Silverton 01:33:48 Silver
437 Jodee Mayer 01:48:35 PB
458 Natalie Lilley 01:52:03
459 Jason Lilley 01:52:03
460 Jason Lilley 01:52:03
461 Jason Lilley 01:52:03
462 Jason Lilley 01:52:03


The Hobble

Andy Lager and Terry Alabaster were at the Hobble yesterday. Andy took part in the 16.5 mile course, coming 2nd in 2:23:26, and Terry ran the 10 mile course, finishing in 1:28:37.



Let me know if I’ve missed your race or result.




Thought for the week: At some point in your past, your mother picked you up, put you down, and then never picked you up ever again. 

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