Time Trial 10 – new club event

1 November 2018 - By James Crisp

WithamRC without Wearables

On December 2nd we will be hosting a new FREE club race. A 10 mile time trial challenge without GPS devices such as watches or phones. Why not use this as your Sunday long run? Start time 9:30am.

Following positive feedback about this new event, it will be following the May Day 10 route as a member-only race.

Entrants will be required to submit their anticipated finish time. The challenge will be whether your pacing will get you close enough to your finish time to win. The winners will be the male and female closest to their own anticipated finish time.

The benefit of this event is that it is inclusive – it’s not about the fastest or slowest finisher, it’s who can pace themselves well. It will also allow you to practise running based on feel rather than relying on technology.

Don’t worry – all finish times will be published so you can manually post on Strava! 😉

Cash Prizes!

Winners will each receive a Wiggle voucher or local Running shop voucher worth £50. In the unlikely event of a draw, club championship points will be used to decide the winner.

To Enter

Please complete your name and anticipated finish time on the form below:

Time Trial 10 Entry
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