Essex Running Clubs Virtual Mile Team Challenge

15 May 2020 - By Brigid Wallen

Chelmsford AC have invited all Essex clubs to take part in a virtual One Mile challenge.

Times must be recorded between May 25th 12am and May 29th 12pm – as with our own SD Champs, times should be posted on Strava or a photo taken of your watch, and sent to our Facebook page. These will be collated and sent to Chelmsford after the closing date.

For more information, click here. but some points to note:

Your route must not have a significant net elevation (it can’t be net downhill of more than 15m)

It cannot be run on a treadmill

This can be an individual race or a team event so depending on how many runners are interested, we will try to work out teams for both Seniors (men and women) and Vets categories (note there is just one Vets category 40+ for men and women)

If you would like to take part please add your name to the Team Event Entry under Links  on the website. Entry fee is £2.50 which the club will pay as long as you have paid your membership for 2020/2021 season. Entries will close at midnight on May 21st to allow us time to enter the teams.

Happy running 😎

Your captains
Brigid and Adam


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