Club Championship 2019 Info

11 March 2019 - By James Blackshaw

The internal Club Championship is in full swing, with many members already picking up plenty of points from racing and volunteering.

If you’re new to the club then it’s worth having a read of the Club Champs rules, to understand how it all works. In particular, it’s worth understanding about the wildcard element, especially if you’re concentrating on a marathon this year, or if you’ve ran a particularly fast race that isn’t included in the nominated Club Champs races. If and when you do run a wildcard race, please be sure to let me know so that I can add it to your points.

The list of nominated races for 2019 is here. I’ve added some more info about the races, and if the race is underlined then it is a link directly to the online entry for that race. I’ve also added a comment so that you can tell if the race full, finished, or not open yet. Good to you, aren’t I.

All six of the internal 5k races are now confirmed (two at Braintree track, and four at the Angel, Kelvedon), and if you can’t run at one of the races, then volunteering as a time keeper or marshal is a great way to pick up some extra points.

I’ll post the first Club Champs table at the end of Q1.



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