BD5 Race Committee volunteers

22 September 2021 - By Bill smythe

We are looking for volunteers to assist with the organising of the Boxing Day 5 this year. This will enable us to have more club members who can take on some of the key roles.

Please let me know if you would like to get involved.



  1. Colin Short Colin Short says:

    Hi Bill – count me in!

  2. Kerry Townsend Kerry Townsend says:

    Hi Bill, I am happy to help. K x

  3. Peter Banks Peter Banks says:

    Happy to be your Boxing Day Bitch Bill

  4. Mark Austin Mark Austin says:

    Always happy to do the Boxing Day 5, set up, Marshall, eat cake, drink tea and pack up.

  5. Jodee Mayer says:

    Hi Bill, happy to help


  6. Kerry Townsend Kerry Townsend says:

    Hi Bill now the BD5 is not on BD I won’t be able to attend as we are going away. I will however be happy to help with anything beforehand. K x

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