Tuesday Announcements 9th June

9 June 2020 - By Bill Smythe

Gradual Adaptation
Anyone can train themselves into the ground; the trick is working in training to get gradually stronger.

A big welcome to all the new members who have joined recently.

The committee will be meeting on 15th to discuss how and if we can make any changes to allow some organised activities with up to 6 people to meet outside whilst maintaining social distancing. We will need a plan and a risk assessment in order for this to go ahead and most importantly we need to be sure this can be done safely.

Full house week of the virtual pub runs and there are 50 members who have taken part since the start and have now visited over 100 pubs. The link on the website showing a map of where members have run has been updated.

Next week the new virtual Tuesday challenge will be “spell that word” using street signs. Watch out for a further post with more details.

Self Isolation & support

If you are in self isolation and need some support please reach out to WRC, I am sure all members would be happy to help. There is also a post from Jason and Jo, our welfare reps on the website.

Future Events

Other fun events to start soon are “Run the Rock” and Strava Art .

Virtual Ekiden Relay -10th – 12th July

The organisers of the event, with support from Ipswich Jaffa’s are going to host this as a Virtual event! It’s free to enter with only a donation to the Essex Air Ambulance asked instead. See website post for more information.

Other non WRC events 

EA weekly 30 run challenge 

Organised by England Athletics and starting on 20/21 June. Sign up for free as part of the WRC team and run for 30 minutes over a weekend. Then upload your mileage which gets added to the WRC total to compete against other clubs. Full details on FB post.

WRC V-RAT 1000

21 runners from WRC continue with the V- RAT challenge.  Great effort by all.


Thanks to all those who have already renewed their membership. We will be doing the annual members check on the Facebook group over the next couple of weeks and any non paid up members will be removed from the group.  Please renew your membership if you wish to stay. See post in group for more details.

We fully understand some members may not be in a position to renew at this time due to the impact from the corona virus so if this affects you please speak to myself or Jason and Jo, your welfare reps.

I wish you, your families and friends the best of health and look forward to seeing you all soon.


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