The Six Bells, Boreham, 31/05/2022, Sign up

30 May 2022 - By James Attenborough

Firstly, to anyone who hasn’t renewed yet we will be removing non members from the Facebook group in twelve days, please don’t take offence if you are removed from the group, once you renew you may request to be added back. It is purely to keep our group for the benefit of members.

This weeks pub is a bit more local than last week and sees us head to the Six Bells in Boreham. If you haven’t eaten there before I highly recommend the food.

The landlord this week is a bit particular about the car park. Therefore please only park at the pub if you are dining/staying for a drink. The other car park is at the Village hall which is just a couple of hundred metres away. If this is full, then please park considerately on the local roads.

Thank you to Sasha Rush who has recced this trail option (5.4M) for us. It’s along the river where the nettles etc are slightly overgrown but passable. Road shoes were fine on Saturday when it was recced. 

Six Bells Trail Written instructions

We hope to see as many of you there as possible!

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Tuesday Run Sign Up

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