Speed Development- Love Train 15th Feb

11 February 2024 - By Maxine Leech

This week Graham and I will be running a Speed session with a difference…it’s time for the Love Train (choo choo!!) This will involve working as a team to Pace appropriately and we hope you will have a lot of fun with it.

Please meet at 7:30pm on the Gershwin estate (marked on the map below) where we will be utilising the long path and the top loop for our train. Please note that we don’t have right of way over the public so please be respectful when running.

After our warm up drills you will be put into small groups of about 5-6. The aim is to run in single file with all of you running for the duration of the 30 minute session. The person at the front of the train will set the pace of the group for a period of time until they decide to hand over to the next person. They will then shout out to change over and the person at the back of the train will run to the front to then decide the pace and the speed and so on and so on. It is essential you remain as a tight train, leaving no one behind and working on team work. This is to help build runner confidence and getting to know people you may not usually run with in your usual speed groups.

Graham and I look forward to seeing you there and hope this is an enjoyable session for all of you!

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