Race Results w/e18/07/21

19 July 2021 - By James Blackshaw

Chase The Sun – 14th July

Pete Banks was at this midweek 5k race at the Olympic Park, and the man seems to get faster every time he runs at the moment. It was another PB for PB, finishing 6th in 17:21. Awesome effort.


Chase The Sun – 17th July

Same event, but three days later. Stephen Sawyer was our competitor this time around, finishing the 5k in 18:12, and coming 2nd. Fantastic running!


Bangers & Mash 

Our constant trailers were out for this one, plus a few add-ons. Great work all.

Position Women’s
Name Run Time
17 4 Rachel Dingley 0:50:12
18 Tony Wallen 0:50:30
19 Terry Alabaster 0:51:10
31 9 Abby Reilly 0:57:30
37 13 Brigid Wallen 0:58:50
38 Nick Looby 0:58:50
39 Gerry Greenwold 0:58:50


One Run To Rule Them All

Jonny Kempster and James Hopegood were at this Phoenix Running event. Jonny took on the 6hr timed challenge, coming 3rd with 29.5 miles, and James completed the marathon in 6:10:27. Excellent running Gents.



This trail event was organised by the Mid Essex Casuals, and we had three of our number taking part. Mr Lager finished the 13.2 mile course in 1:54:56, coming third in the process. Mrs and Mr Lilley ran together, finishing in 3:18:37. Good work crew!


Felsted 10k

Big turnout for the WRC dudes at this one. Good work all.

Pos Chip Time Name
32 00:41:24 Andrew Smith
61 00:44:33 Octavia Singleton
75 00:45:47 Andrew Watson
97 00:48:45 Thomas Ashley
171 00:55:52 Sharon Read
205 00:58:38 Ross Silverton
217 01:01:15 Anthony Smith
239 01:05:24 Christine Wager


IronBourne Aqua Bike

Lee Blake took on this monster event, consisting of a 2.4 mile swim and 112 mile bike ride. On the hottest day of the year. He finished in a highly impressive 5th place, completing the swimming section in 1:20:10, and the cycling in 6:13:59, making a total time of 7:37:26. Incredible.


Let me know if I’ve missed your race or result.



Thought for the week: “Do beavers know what they’re doing, or do they just see water floating down a river and think “Absolutely not”.

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