Ekiden Relays Sunday 16th July – More runners needed

25 June 2017 - By Anita Grainger

Ekiden relays are fast approaching and we are short 3 ladies and 3 men. This is a fabulous club day out where the club gazebos are on proud display and there’s an opportunity for cake.

Can you let either Bill or I know if you’d like to take part or if you’d like to make cake. See link to previous posts for more information

Ekiden Relays 16th July – Update


Current Ladies List

1 Anita Grainger
2 Ruth Mizon
3 Becky Grimwood
4 Emma Sweeney
5 Tracey Denby
6 Jen Mayes
7 Dawn Shilling
8 Hayley Ellen
9 Karen Flowers
10 Louise Pascoe
11 Haydeh Safavi
12 Kayleigh Carr
13 Tanya Nash
14 Angie O’Shea
15 Michelle English
16 Penny Clarke
17 Kerry Townsend
18 Sharon Carr
19 Carina Taylor
20 Rachel Sweatt
21 Charlotte Elms
22 Becky Booty

Many Thanks

Anita & Bill

Ladies & Mens captains


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