Ekiden Relays 16th July – Update

1 May 2017 - By Anita Grainger

As summer is fast approaching (well maybe) Ekiden Relays are on the horizon. Thanks to those who’ve put their names down so far, there’s still lots of space for everyone as we are fielding 4 Mens and 4 Ladies teams this year.

This is a fantastic club day out for all abilities and a great atmosphere. Listed below are the runners names we’re got so far, apologies if I’ve missed anyone who’s already let us know. Please let Bill and I know if you’d like to run. Included below is also the original post with more info

Anita Grainger
Ruth Mizon
Becky Grimwood
Emma Sweeney
Tracey Denby
Jen Mayes
Dawn Shilling
Vicky Hunt
Dawn Shilling
Hayley Ellen
Karen Flowers
Louise Pascoe
Haydeh Safavi
Kayleigh Carr
Tanya Nash

Bill Smythe
Leo Cole
Heydon Mizon
Dave Campbell
David Hunt
Paul Thomas
James Crisp
Marc Underdown
Mark Austin
Giles Sowerby
Danny Conner
Steve Hennings
Graham Eyre

2 April 2017 – By Anita Grainger
As spring is in the air and summer close on its tail we near the exciting team relay event; Ekiden Relays on Sunday 16th July.
This is a great day out for the club with Ladies, Mens and junior teams participating. The club comes out in force on this day and we pitch our gazebos near the race course, bring cakes, picnics, family and maybe running kit. There is great camaraderie and support for our team mates as they run their leg of the race right past our lively support crew. The race will take place in the grounds of Woodbridge School, with the course weaving round the beautiful grounds.
For the adults the race covers a marathon distance 26.2 miles/ 42.2 km with the following 6 legs:
• Leg 1 – 7.2km
• Leg 2 – 5km
• Leg 3 – 10km
• Leg 4 – 5km
• Leg 5 – 10km
• Leg 6 – 5km.
The race starts at 10am and we have reserved entry for 8 adults teams at present. We also enter teams in the junior race which take place directly before the adult race.
If you would like to take part please contact Bill Smythe & myself for adults to let us know and whether there is a distance that you prefer to run. For juniors please contact Tracey Denby. Further info on the race can be found on the link below

Looking forward to getting our Mens, ladies & Junior teams together

Anita & Bill
Ladies & Mens Captains


  1. Angie O'Shea Angie O'Shea says:

    Hi Anita – if you need another, I would be happy to run? Either the 7.2 or 5km I would think…? Angie x

  2. Simon Scott Simon Scott says:

    Count me in Anita. Cheers.

  3. Bob Taylor says:

    I’m in. Hopefully we can muster an over 60’s team!

  4. Owen Dare owen Dare says:

    Hi Bill. If you need another runner for the relay on the 16th i would like to give it a go Owen Dare

  5. Carina Taylor Carina Taylor says:

    Lee & Carina are happy to run we can do 5km

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