First Triathlon for Sandy

13 May 2019 - By James Montgomery

On Sunday, Sandy Karl took part in her first triathlon, the HSV May Triathlon held in Hatfield, Hertfordshire. This was a “sprint” distance comprising a 400mtrs swim, 20kms bike and 5kms run.

The 400m swim was pool-based, which was just as well considering the near-frosty 2degC temperatures outside first thing! There were the inevitable hold-ups in the pool, but Sandy was soon heading for T1 and out on to the bike course. The 20kms course was fine but marred by recent gravelling, apparently to “repair” the roads, but there were still plenty of potholes to contend with.

Into T2 and out on the 5kms run, which was about 75% trail and even following a swim and a ride she managed a 5km pb time to reach the finish line in 8th place in her age category.

Swim:         00:08:43
Bike:           00:47:20
Run:           00:23:30
Overall:      01:22:02


  1. Colin Short Colin Short says:

    Well done Sandy – a nice way to start your triathlon career – and a good time too! Colsey

  2. Sandy Karl says:

    Thank You Colsey !

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