WRC Virtual Training for February – Survive and Thrive!

3 February 2021 - By Scott Darney

Well done to everyone who kicked off February with a 2 mile Time Trial as our Speed Development Session.

The next 3 weeks have now been added to the schedule as we look to re-visit some sessions from the summer of 2020:

Easy Run + Strides 11/02/20 Zatopeks 400’s 14/02/20 Easy Long Run (Off Road)
Easy Run + Strides 18/02/20 Jakes 2min/30s – 30s/1min 21/02/20 Easy Long Run
Easy Run + Strides 25/02/20 800’s 27/02/20 Easy Long Run (Off Road)

For the strides, I am letting you choose how your perform these each week but I would recommend that you continue to perform strides alongside an easy run every Tuesday.  Strides will help you maintain any speed that you developed during the shorter sessions in January.  The simplest way to perform strides is to choose a distance of 50-100m (you can find 2 lampposts or 2 trees roughly this distance apart) and run between the two at a controlled sprint, then walk back to the start and repease 6 times.  You can do the same every week if you like, but if you want to keep things interesting change location, find a hill to run down or up, or run a slightly longer or shorter stride.  This is not a speed sessions, this is a just a sharpener so you shouldn’t feel like you have just completed full session.

Details of the other sessions should be available by clicking on the links but if you have any questions please feel free to ask me or any of the other coaches.

As usual please

  • Adhere to the current government restrictions by not meeting with more than 1 other runner for the sessions.
  • Perform a suitable warm up and cool down (1-2 miles easy jogging before and after plus dynamic stretches and excerices to raise the HR)
  • Wear appropriate high-viz or reflective clothing if running in the dark.

Thanks and enjoy!




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