WRC Virtual Speed Development 19/11/2020 – Black & White

17 November 2020 - By Scott Darney

This weeks Speed development continues the choice of two colours where we will see Black & White.

However, in the spirit of unity and equality, I want all of our runners to try and show support for both teams by wearing both Black and White (this should be easy!). Additionally, the workouts will also be equal with the same workout for each colour.

Don’t forget to take a photo of you in your colours and post on the facebook page!

If you want to add some difficulty you can do this session over an undulating, hilly route or on trails, or both!

As usual we expect all of our runners to adhere to current government guidelines with regards to Covid.

  • Please do not run with more than one other person.
  • Please maintina a distance of 2 metres when running with that person.
  • Please only travel a reasonable distance to run with that person or at a specific location.

As the nights are also drawing in please ensure that you are highly visible with reflective and lighting where possible.

Enjoy and we look forward to seeing your photos!


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