Thursday 16th April – Speed Development: 60/30

15 April 2020 - By Scott Darney

We take a break this week from Time Trials and Virtual Racing to bring you a simple favourite; the 60/30. In essense you run hard for 60 seconds and recovery for 30 seconds but there are various ways you can perform this workout this week.

We can also take a break from focusing on a specific pace, this is just a workout for the purpose of maintainaing and/or building speed endurance and not to necessarily hit a pace. You should aim for a pace that you can maintain for the whole of the session and if you must have a guide then we have previously suggested somewhere between 5k and 10k for the 60 second effort pace.

The recoveries are entirely up to you. We would recommend that you keep moving but you can decide if you want to walk the recovery or jog. If you feel you need to, then take a static, resting recovery.

If you find the usual thursday sessions are enough for you, then please perform option 1 as this would be the session we present at the club. If you find that you often have something left and more to give then feel free to drop the 2 minute recovery. However, if you have maintained a high level of fitness over the the last fw months (ie those who might have kept a similar week to their marathon training plans) and have been consitantly performing weekly speed sessions (or Time Trials) then you may wish to go with option 3.

Option 1
– 2 sets of 10 x 60s/30s with 2 minute recovery between each set (total 32 min session)

Option 2
– 1 continueous workout of 20 x 60s/30s (total 30 min session)

Option 3
– 1 continueous workout of 25 x 60s/30s (total 37.5 min session)

Please be honest about your current fitness before performing the workout.
Please also be considerate and midful to other road and path users – we do not have priority on any routes and you may want to find a time and place that is not busy.
Please adhere to the current social distances recommendations, ie the 2 metre rule and not driving to your running destination.

Thanks and have fun!


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