WRC Virtual Speed Development 12/11/2020 – Blue vs Red (Jake vs Eilish)

10 November 2020 - By Scott Darney

This weeks Speed development continues the choice of two colours where we will see Blue vs Red and 2 GB athletes compete against each other.

It is entirely up to you which session you decide but whichever team you choose, we want you to represent in your WRC training gear. If you don’t have WRC training wear in the colours then you can purchase in the Buy Kit section of the website but until then you can simply wear an item or accessorie of colour.

Don’t forget to take a photo of you in your colours and post on the facebook page!

This week we are going to revisit 2 of the sessions from the summer Virtual Speed Development programme:

As usual we expect all of our runners to adhere to current government guidelines with regards to Covid and when available we will advise guidelines from English Athletics with regards to group training and running.

As the nights are also drawing in please ensure that you are highly visible with reflective and lighting where possible.

Enjoy and we look forward to seeing your photos!


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