WRC Strength and Conditioning – Wednesday 2nd June (7pm)

1 June 2021 - By Scott Darney

S&C with Justin will continue tomorrow and for the forseeable future at the same time and place as last week.

Members will need to book in advance and it will cost £3 per member (payment as cash on the evening).

The session will start at 7pm and will take place at the sportsfield at Haygreen Road, Witham as per map below.

Please sign up below if you intend to participate again this week:

Strength & Core
I have read the WRC 'Return to Club Activities - Health Screening & Disclaimer' document and am able to answer 'No' to questions 1-4. I accept that all training is undertaken at my own risk and that it may be necessary to breach social distancing if medical treatment is required in an emergency. *

Current Attendees:

    • Katie Layley
    • Andy Lager
    • Celine Elson
    • Ryan Day
    • Sue Shippey
    • Karen Flowers
    • Patrick Hinchliffe
    • Heydon Mizon
    • Pete Banks

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