WRC Speed Development – 22/10/2020 – Adam Hickey – 15min / 5min / 10min

19 October 2020 - By Scott Darney

This week we are staying allot closer to home with our Coach and Athlete, so close that some of us will have potentially raced against him in the Southend 10k or Essex XC Champs.

Adam Hickey, who is coached by the last british mens winner of the London Marathon – Eamon Martin, is an all round athlete having had success on the track, road and XC.

He has picked up national titles in the British XC Championships and the English 10000m Championships along with a whole host of county titles on track and XC.

Adam has also represented GB in the World XC Champs and last year captained the GB team competing in the European XC Champs in Lisbon.

His PB’s are:

  • 5k  13:46 (road) / 13:41 (track)
  • 10k  28:53 (road) / 29:08 (track)
  • Half Marathon 64:33

Recently he has also turned his attention to the marathon having clocked 2:16 at Berlin in 2019 and 2:17 in this years Elite only field in the London Marathon in October.

In his spare time, when not fighting fires at Southend Airport he is busy coaching other runners as part of his coaching community with Adam Hickey Coaching.

For Adam’s session, he provided us with a personal favourite session of his which fits in nicely into our 30 minute time frame.

  • 15minutes hard
  • 5minutes rest – walk recovery
  • 10minutes hard

Now, Adam actually runs the first part of this session as a Parkrun because his parkrun time is easily under 15 minutes (he has a Parkrun PB of 14:15 which is the 5th fastest parkrun in the World), he then rests for 5 minutes and does a hard 10 minutes at his 5k pace or 5k effort and tries to go quicker.

Fortunately, for us mere mortals I am going to adapt this session to suit our ability!

As such, I would recommend that we adopt 1 of 2 approaches for a pacing:

  1. Run the efforts at Lactate Threshold (LT) Pace.
    Try and run the first effort as close to LT pace as you can and then see if you can pick it up a little in the second effort but even if you feel good, try and stick close to LT pace as this is an important training zone.
  2. Run the efforts at Race Pace for upcoming race.
    If you have a race coming up of 10k to HM, this can be used as a good preparation session. Try and hit your race pace for the 15 minutes, then see if you can pick it up a little quicker for the 10 minute effort, on tired legs, after a 5 minute break.

For both options, if you can’t improve on pace, just try and match your first effort.

For pace guide, including finding your LT pace, please see the McMillan Training Pace Calculator.

Thanks to Adam for this session.
He can be found on the usual social media platforms below:

Facebook:   Adam Hickey Coaching

Instagram: RunHickeyRun

Twitter:       RunHickeyRun

The session is likely to be at our favourite(?) location of Eastways again at 7:30 however please look out for the sign-up posting for further details.

As usual, please can all members ensure that they:

  • (If you can) program the session into your running watch prior to the session.
  • Performing warm up jog prior to session.
  • Meet coaches at the session location.
  • Wear reflective, Hi-vis clothing or some for of head/body torch.
  • Do not attend if showing any COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Do not attend unless pre-registered and relevant Covid 19 disclaimer has been agreed.
  • Perform the workout in groups of no more than 6 and adhere to current Covid guidelines by staying 1-2 metres apart during the course of the session.
  • Ensure appropriate distance given when overtaking.
  • Perform a suitable 1-2 mile cool down jog and appropriate post session stretching.

Session sign-up will follow in a separate post shortly.



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