WRC Speed Development – 15/10/2020 – Brady Threlfall (Inside Running Podcast) – 5-4-3-2-1-5

14 October 2020 - By Scott Darney

After the success of the Winter 5k last week (thanks JB!) we are back training once again and with aother guest session.

This week we shine the spotlight on the Inside Running Podcast which is hosted by 3 super fast Aussie runners in Brady Threlfall (2:19 marathon), Julien Spence (2:14) and Bradley Croker (2:17).

In the weekly podcast they typically discuss their own running journey (which recently included a HM Time Trial for Brady in which he attempted to beat Julien PB) as well as what they have been up to in the week. They also discuss any current affairs in the running world along with recent races that have taken place and now and then they do a special Shoe Geek special.

The guys also interviews some big running names from all over the world which so far this year has included the likes of Steve Moneghetti (not for the first time on the podcast), Steve Jones and Molly Seidell but there are are many more intereviews with runners who might not be household names but are on the cusp of elite status and international stardom.

This week, runner, coach and co-host Brady Threfall provided us woth a fartlek favourite of his which is very simple and gets tough at the tail end.

It’s a 5-4-2-1-5 Fartlek!

The session will be held at Eastways Industrial estate at the usual time of 7:30pm and is as follows:

  • 5 minutes effort / 1 minute recovery
  • 4 minutes effort / 1 minute recovery
  • 3 minutes effort / 1 minute recovery
  • 2 minutes effort / 1 minute recovery
  • 1 minutes effort / 1 minute recovery
  • 5 minutes effort

The session will only last 25 minutes

Brady kindly provided his own advice on the session: “Moving down the gears as the reps get shorter. Think HM race effort (7/10) for the 5 and 4, 10km race effort for the 3 (8/10), then 5km race effort (9/10) for the 2 and 1, then try and match (not beat) the last 5min with the first.”

For more information on Brady and Inside Running, please see below links:

Brady Threlfall: Website | Instagram

Inside Running Podcast: Website | Instagram  (Podcast also available on the usual podcast platforms)

As usual, please can all members ensure that they:

  • (If you can) program the session into your running watch prior to the session.
  • Performing warm up jog prior to session.
  • Meet coaches at the session location.
  • Wear reflective, Hi-vis clothing or some for of head/body torch.
  • Do not attend if showing any COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Do not attend unless pre-registered and relevant Covid 19 disclaimer has been agreed.
  • Perform the workout in groups of no more than 6 and adhere to current Covid guidelines by staying 1-2 metres apart during the course of the session.
  • Ensure appropriate distance given when overtaking.
  • Perform a suitable 1-2 mile cool down jog and appropriate post session stretching.

Session sign-up will follow in a separate post shortly.



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