Virtual Speed Development – Every Thursday

18 March 2020 - By Scott Darney

In an attempt to maintain a level of consistency and sanity in these difficult times, the coaching team will be prescribing a weekly workout for our members to participate in every Thursday at a time and place that suits you.

Each week, we will post the weekly workout for you all on the website. This will then be posted as a thread on Facebook for our members to share their experiences, provide feedback, compare notes and give kudos.

We would encourage you to perform the session in lines with government and EA recommendations by doing these on your own, where safe and possible to do so.

Many of us are used to running the hard sessions in large groups and there are many benefits to group training. But there will be times when you are unable to, what do you do then? If you’re training for a marathon you can’t just skip a workout so you probably have to do this on your own.

In adversity there is often opportunity and there are benefits to running the tough sessions on your own, such as:

1. Improving your mental strength.
2. Not getting caught up in racing others and being able to focus more on your own pace.
3. There will be times when you can’t make group sessions, so you can look back on this time and know that if you have to, you can run a workout on your own.

Mental strength is an important asset and a skill you can develop. Running with others can drag you along or push you forward when you might ordinarily quit. But you can’t hide from yourself! If you can learn to push yourself without anyone else there to help you, then you will improve your mental strength and resilience and it will make you a stronger runner.

With this said, we would urge you to run with caution and be mindful not to over-train as we want your running to make you stronger, not weaker. Please do not attempt to participate if you are displaying any symptoms of any virus, infection or cold / flu.

We hope this can keep a sense of community at WRC as this is a big part of what the club is about.

Stay safe, stay healthy and enjoy your running!

Watch this space for details of the first session.



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