Tuesday Night 9.30+ route

25 October 2020 - By Bethany Shippey

Hi everyone,

After last weeks leg aching uphill route (thanks Karen!), I have chosen a flat ‘ish’ with minimal elevation route instead. Route E either 4.6 or 5.5 miles depending on how far you feel like going. The route is attached.

4.6 Mile Route

5.5 Mile Route

Meet at Witham Leisure Centre for 6.30pm as usual in the car park.

Please remember hi vis bibs and/or torches please as it’s so dark now.

Tuesday 9:30+ Group
I have read the WRC 'Return to Club Activities - Health Screening & Disclaimer' document and am able to answer 'No' to questions 1-4. I accept that all training is undertaken at my own risk and that it may be necessary to breach social distancing if medical treatment is required in an emergency. *


  1. Ann Johnson
  2. Jodee Mayer
  3. Natalie Lilley
  4. Amanda Martin
  5. Kerry Townsend
  6. Libby Woodhull
  7. Karen Flowers
  8. Hillary Curtis
  9. Sue Shippey
  10. Tom Ashley
  11. Rebecca Richards
  12. Jenny Layley
  13. Penny Clarke
  14. Charlotte Roberts
  15. Sasha Rush
  16. Lisa Leader
  17. Sarah Naughton
  18. Anthony Smith
  19. Maxine Leech
  20. Kevin Slattery
  21. Colin Short
  22. Dave Andrews
  23. Marie Summers
  24. Ross Silverton
  25. Miriam Denis Le Seve


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