Thursdays Virtual Speed Development – 1km Cutdowns

18 March 2020 - By Scott Darney

For the first instalment of our Thursday virtual training we will stick with the prescribed workout of 1km Cutdowns as this is a nice and simple workout. However it can be tricky to get the pacing right.

You can complete the workout any time and any place tomorrow.

You will run somewhere between 3-6 x 1km reps with the number of reps based on how many you expect to complete in 30 minutes. Below is a recommendation based on how long it takes for you to run a parkrun or 5km:

  • over 30minutes: 3 x 1km (3 mins recovery)
  • 25-30minutes: 3-4 x 1km (3 mins recovery)
  • 20-25minutes: 4-5 x 1km (3 mins recovery)
  • under 20 minutes: 5-6 x 1km (3 mins recovery)

The target pace for your first rep is either marathon pace, or fi you do not know what your marathon pace is then try and run your first rep a little slower than your tempo pace in order to give yourself room for progression.

A couple of things to note with this workout:

  1. It does not matter what your progression is so long as you try and progress. If you are only 1 second faster in each rep then you have achieved what we are trying to achieve in this workout. Equally, don’t sweat if you can’t pull it off – be proud that you were out there trying.
  2. Don’t worry about the rep being exactly 1km. Just try and use the same rep for each effort. For example, the Armond-Chelmer loop is roughtly 900-950m which is fine and there are various other similar loops and segments around Witham that are there or there-abouts.
  3. This is not a challenge to do as many reps as you can. If you are a 25-30minute parkrun/5k runner and you are looking to run 3-4 reps, its ok to stop at 3. If you can feel your form suffering and your head wobbling towards the end of the rep then consider this time to call the workout. If you feel good then feel free to complete another rep.

Please do not forget to perform a 10-15 minute warm up prior to the session and a similar length cool down and stretch.  We would like to provide you with some drills but time is not on our side for this week however keep a look out on facebook as we may provide some further details.

Lastly, be safe and have fun!

If you any questions please ask them either on the facebook post or add a comment to this article.



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