Thursday’s Speed Development Session – Descending Ladder

26 November 2019 - By Jodee Mayer

The Descending Ladder

This session is designed to give you the opportunity to practise your race pacing. It doesn’t matter whether you are training for a marathon or a 5k, this session can be adapted to suit all distances. You quite simply run each rep at your target race pace.

We will meet at The Leisure Centre, Witham at 7:30pm for a 7:45pm departure where members will jog up to Chelmer Road. There we will do our dynamic stretches as part of the warm up ready for the session. The session will consist of running along Chelmer Road, left up Cromwell Road and then left back onto Chelmer Road in a circle.

The session plan consists of:

3 mins race pace – 1min 30 recovery
2 mins race pace – 1 min recovery
1 min race pace – 30 seconds recovery
30 seconds race pace

There will then be a 2 minutes recovery after the set before members start the second set with the intention of completing 3 full sets.

Please feel free to programme watches/timing devices to help with the timings of this session. Once the session is complete, we will return back to The Leisure Centre where we will complete our static stretches as part of the cool down.

If you have any questions about the session, or would like some suggestions for pace timings, please speak to either Sasha or Kerry before we leave The Leisure Centre at 7:45pm.

We look forward to seeing you on Thursday!

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